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About Embroidery

Embroidery is a type of folk art that is made with needle-yarn hands. Two elements of embroidery are folk and sophisticated. Nakshi Kantha falls in the fictional stage. In the past, the designs of the old clothes and yarn that were made in a private environment, Nakshi Kantha This Kantha was made for the family's practical needs; There was no commercial relationship with it. Nakshi Kantha was a square, some rectangular. The village girls used to make different designs, balls, flowers, birds, etc. with different yarn colors. They were used in the shape of the handkerchief, pillow cover, etc. During the marriage of girls, skill in indispensability was considered to be inferior quality. These embroideries were also offered to individual loved ones.

Around one hundred years ago, there is around a palanquin and there are woodpeckers. There are a number of abstract images of tiger rows made in red, yellow, green, and black colors beside him. There is a lotus in the center, the tree of life in the four corners and in the middle spreading; In all, there is a beautiful beauty in the worm. This is the story of the Jessore area. Jessore, Faridpur, and Rajshahi nakshi Kantha are more famous. At present, this embroidery is made on a commercial basis. As a result, the basic artwork that has reduced considerably.

The sophisticated section of the embroidery is not spatial, it is said that the industry is developed on a foreign and commercial basis. Muslin-Jamdani etc were worn by embroidery in the clothes. There was a lot of demand for this art from the nobility of the king and the kings, in the house of rich people and outside the country. A two-and-a-half-year time was done by an entrepreneur in a fine measure of 10 yards 1-yard size. Kashida was the largest inorganic industry. In the ninth century, it was assumed that Basrah's work of Kashidada came to Dhaka.

Embroidery has been one of the most common and long known needleworks and has been practiced for ages. The time has changed and now this technique becomes quite hard and fine but even now there are many people who are dedicated to embroidery. The use of advanced machine embroidery is very cost-effective and time has become skilled but still remains as the best in hand embroidery. It is much more than the standard machine-made embroidery. Hand embroidery designs are quite convenient as they will work on any fabric and for any occasion. It can be a great way to pass the time as well as learn a great art. Today we have some special hand embroidery designs for you to consider:
Can you ever try to find a compilation book, especially through a variety of vintage, it can be a little overwhelming when looking for different types of sewing patterns that may require. Sew can be something very challenging or perhaps sticky, but not afraid to feel, hand embroidery is fun to sew, and with practice, it can be quite easy.